Our Living Legacy

As many of you know, Connections started with Dan Fogelberg. At the “core” of what drove us to ever get our crazy band together ten years ago was a chance to play Dan’s music, and to do in a BIG way…with a big band that could recreate some of the lush instrumentation that you’re used to when you hear his records. Many of you also know that he’s my all-time favorite songwriter.

We had a BIG show in Allen again last night….Connections…the Allen Symphony Chorus…an orchestra of about 20…approaching 70 musicians onstage. (I’m not sure we actually counted!)

We covered many great artists, and had some incredible support from James Taylor…yes, THE James Taylor….)

But the show also  gave us the chance to pull out a show-stopper from our last big show: Fogelberg’s great opus “Ghosts” from the “Innocent Age” record.

This is a BIG song….it’s deserves to be played big, like this.  I think we did the song proud…

It gave me chills to hear it last night…especially how the Chorus nails the ending…and I can’t believe how great this recording sounds here. (Thanks to Alison for capturing it…)

If we get a nice full recording of “The Reach,” I’ll add it to this post….and I’ll likely post additional video from the show, as it become available.

When Glenn Frey died, I took the liberty of paraphrasing an old spiritual adage that gets passed around from time to time…

“a person dies three times: the first time when your heart stops; the second time when you’re buried or cremated; and, for songwriters, the last time your songs are played, sung, and heard.”

That’s true for Dan too.

It’s such a unique honor to be a part of Dan’s “living legacy,” the fans, musicians, and friends who honor his memory and keep his music alive. And…to be able to do so in such a bold and big setting…

How freakin’ lucky am I?!!

Last night, then, as I was singing, I was thinking of all our DanFan friends/family from around the country…many of whom were with us the last time we did a big show like this. I was most definitely thinking of Dan, and of Jean and her generous support to all of us who try to honor Dan.

I was thinking especially of our buddy, Sheldon Felich, whose own killer band is also one of the great “living legacies” to Dan. (Sheldon and Dan’s actual orchestral arranger, Glen Spreen, shared with us these arrangements you hear on this recording…)

But most of all, as I said from the stage, just after this video cuts off….

“That was for you, Dan.”

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