Tell Us What You Thought of the Show/Weekend

It’s late at night, after the Fogelberg Tribute Show in Allen tonight.
I’m still exploding with adrenaline and love for how it came out…

1,000 of you came.
We raised over $12,000 for the relief of Hurricane Sandy.
80 musicians did our best to honor the musical legacy of Dan Fogelberg.

Here’s what I’d like you to do:

If you were there, tonight, or last night, please leave a comment HERE at the end of this blog.

Yes, some of you have probably already commented over on Facebook. But those comments sort of vanish away forever. And we’d like to be able to keep your thought in a file for future savoring.


What did you like?
What will you remember?
What feedback for any of us band, orchestra, chorus folks do you have?
Would you change anything?

Thanks in advance for leaving your thoughts here.

(Note: comments are “approved” on the blog. That can take hours, really. So, if they don’t show up right away, patience. The next time I’ll sign on, I’ll get to them….EF)

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