Brand Spanky New Website

A quick word to say that my website has been completely updated. It’s mostly a website that supports my music, and it’s got new pictures, soundclips, videos, and more. (Or, at least old ones…finally collected together.)

Check it out at…


Jimmy Pankow Was Right

OK, I’m not proud of this post. But I can’t help myself.

Everybody needs to rewatch Chicago and Robin Thicke at the Grammys last night, for the hidden gem of the night.

Right as they transition to “Beginnings” the camera…


Tell Us What You Thought of the Show/Weekend

It’s late at night, after the Fogelberg Tribute Show in Allen tonight.
I’m still exploding with adrenaline and love for how it came out…

1,000 of you came.
We raised over $12,000 for the relief of Hurricane Sandy.
80 musicians…