Eric sez:
"I've been so inspired by the Women's March, the Airport Protests, and more these past few weeks. It's been a great honor to accompany, to stand up alongside, so many women and men, people of all faiths and sexual orientations. They inspired this song. This is not a "protest song," so much as a song to inspire and give hope to the protestors. Now is the time for everyone to stand up to their full height."

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Hey There 

Thanks for stopping by my music website.
Please check out my music, and upcoming shows.
Here and there, I post demo-videos of newer songs that are still cooking in the kitchen.

I love playing my songs for people, and am always moved by the mystical connection between audience and performer.
I'm grateful for every new song, and for every chance to share them with you.

A few years back --during a dark time in my life, when I was looking for some hope-- my therapist taught me about things could help me get out of the hole. He said science has shown several things that lift our minds and spirits from depression.
Medication, yes. But also...healthy food, deep relationships, exercise, prayer and meditation. So, we talked about how I could get more of that stuff.

But then, when he learned I was a musician, he became extremely animated, and excitedly told me how research has shown how musicians get special hormones and brain chemicals from playing and singing.
In a very real way
, he said, music heals us.

"You must play your music," he said, with a stridency and passion that surprised me.

The moment he said this, I knew he'd given words to an unnamed truth I had known for a time. Music is one of the things that saves my life.
I hope it helps save yours too.
And I'm grateful you've stopped by here.

If you happened to be looking for my blog, where I write on all sorts of things, go here.
If you were hunting the cover band I'm a part of, where I get to play with some incredible friends, and raise tons of money for charity, go here.
If you're looking for info about the church I'm privileged to serve, go here.

And, again, I hope you enjoy this site, hope you'll snoop around...and thanks for stopping by....EF

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Previous events


Connections in Allen

We'll be playing our annual show as a part of Change the World Weekend. This will be a new show, filled with a brand new set off music. Details and venue later.....


Connections in McKinney

FUMC McKinney, 315 N Church St, McKinney

I'll be playing with Connections. We will be performing our "Summer Party Set" at FUMC McKinney. The beneficiary is "Hope Rising's" program called "Stronger Than Expresso," a group dedicated to equipping survivors of violence with the tools to reclaim what abuse took away.


With Connections - Private Event

Gaylord Texan

I'll be playing with Connections at the National Church Networks Convention at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine. This is a private event.


Connections with the Allen Symphony Chorus

Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church, 1015 State Highway 121, Allen, Texas

This will be a big show, with the Allen Symphony Chorus and a large orchestra section. Connections will be doing songs we've done before, but backed with a huge group of musicians....songs such as "Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me," "What's Going On?" and "The Pretender"


Connections Tribute to Chicago and the Eagles

Joe Farmer Amphitheater, 1201 E Bethany Dr, Allen, TX 75002

Connections will play our Tribute to Chicago and the Eagles. Joe Farmer is a huge outdoor amphitheater where we drew 1,000 people the last time we played. We're hoping for another great crowd, and a great evening of music.

Free Age limit: All ages

  • South Florida Folk Festival Finalist
  • Honorable Mention, Billboard Song Contest
  • Honorable Mention, Great American Song Contest
  • Wildflower Festival Semi-Finalist