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  1. Your Full Height


Stand up to your full height
Shine out with your heart light
Raise your fist, and join the fight.
You’re not alone.
You’re not alone.
You’re not alone.

So your pushing up the covers to the top of your head
And your spending every moment lying here in the bed
Cause the news on the television fills you with dread
Every day.

Well, I know the future seems dark and unclear
But I pray you can listen, I hope you can hear
The way to get your hope again, and conquer your fear
Is to say…


Millions of us showing up, we’re out in the streets
We find the intersections where the causes all meet
It’s a power that you just cannot put down with a Tweet
Any more.

The power of the people where we all lend a hand
All cultures and religions, every woman and man
The “tired huddled masses" have a place in this land
We adore.


Words and Music, Eric Folkerth.
Copyright, 2017. All Rights Reserved.