Joe Biden Coulda Done That All Night

Congressional Republicans:

Decades ago, Joe Biden told you he was a fighter from Scranton.
If you paid attention at all, you knew this.

McCarthy warned you not to heckle, but you did anyway; and “Sleepy Joe” Jedi mind-tricked you into applauding Social Security protection.

People have misunderestimated Joe for forty years.
Keep it going if you want.

Or don’t. Whatever.
He’s ready for you either way.

What you fail to realize is —likely because some of you are political novices— is that for a politician like Joe, this stuff is like drinking Red Bull. It makes him younger. He could’ve stayed there all night.

And if you ever decide to stop acting like you’re at a WWF match, he’s ready for the actual political debate too.

Assuming you can ever do more than heckle.

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