“Drag Bunch” and what REALLY “Grooms” Our Children

I’m unlikely to regularly attend “Drag Brunch,” because it’s just not my thing.

But I know this: The Jesus who is my Savior would totally go to a drag show long before he would picket one.

He might not do either.
It might not be his thing either.
But he’d definitely not be in the picket line.
Of this I am confident.

I’ve had the blessing of knowing drag performers personally for more than twenty years. In a previous life, I had some as members of my church, and found them to be kind and gentle souls, deeply spiritual and faithful Christians.

That last sentence will no doubt blow the minds of almost everybody on all sides of this issue. But it’s true. At least, I’ve seen it be true in my life and ministry.

I mean, it’s not like drag performers walk around in drag all day. 95% of them look like the person in the grocery store line next to you. In fact, they probably are. Some of them go to church and Bible study. Some of them give generously of their time, talents, and resources to help the less fortunate.

They’re just people, people.

My daughter has been around drag performers since she first attended the Dallas Pride Parade in 2004, at age seven. I haven’t asked her, but I’m pretty sure that out of the dozens of Pride Parades she’s attended since, she never once felt groomed.

But do you know what she and I do agree on is deeply disturbing grooming behavior?

Beauty pageants for very young girls, as represented by this picture. (In fact, if not for this issue, I would never post this deeply disturbing picture of a child…and feel the need to note this here…)

Come on, people.

Can’t we see the deeply disturbing, highly sexualized messages these pageants reinforce?
If Christians were gonna picket anything, why aren’t we picketing THESE?!
Why do we allow TV shows about them?

Why are we not asking about the “grooming,” —the disturbing messages of sexually gendered roles— these shows reinforce for humans of all orientations….for little girls, for little boys, for mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters?

Talk about “grooming behavior.”

Look, Drag Show Brunch is like anything else in art or entertainment: If you don’t like it, just don’t go to it.

I mean, I’m unlikely to go to a Taylor Swift or Kid Rock concert either, but you don’t see my out there picketing them.

I know, I know…all you Taylor Swift fans now have your hands firmly on your keyboards. You’re ready to slam me for slamming her.
But I’m NOT slamming her. She’s *uber* talented. She writes her own songs.


“Mad respect.”

I’m just owning how I’m unlikely to get out of my house to see her live, just as most of us are unlikely to ever frequent Drag Brunch.

All of this is fake outrage.
All of this is stirred up fear-mongering.

Once upon a time, these very same Evangelical “Christians” tried this very same ploy on the issue of Same Sex Marriage.

“It will destroy Traditional Marriage!” they shrieked.

They assured us the very foundations of society itself would crumble if Same Sex Marriage was allowed.

Guess what?

Same Sex Marriage has been legal for almost a decade now, so we have documentary evidence to the contrary. ALL OF THAT mongering has been shown to be hyperbole and lies.

Same Sex Marriage, never for one day, almost crumbled our society.
But a January 6th insurrection almost did…

I now know hundreds of legally married, faithful Christian, Same Sex married couples. And guess what? Two weeks ago, I married a “traditionally married” couple too.

Gasp! They’re still getting married too! (It was a lovely wedding…) In fact, I still do far more “traditional” weddings than same sex ones.

That example —the vitriol and fear-mongering prior to the Same Sex Marriage decision— should guide us now, as we consider Drag Brunch.

Drag Show Brunch isn’t gonna destroy the foundations of our society, or lead to a generation of Drag Show performers. Not one child will be, or has been, groomed by them; any more than one “Traditional Marriage” has been ruined by Same Sex Marriage, or one child was ever “trafficked” from the non-existent basement of a Washington pizzeria.

Good Lord people, stop wasting all your energy picketing Drag Brunch.

You’re feeling the need to picket things that are *really* harming our society?
I’ll send you a list.

But if you don’t like Drag Show Brunch, just don’t go.

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