Don’t Look Away

White Siblings,
Don’t look away.
Don’t avert your eyes.

Yes, there is a danger even in reposting these because of the moral license they may give other racists who see them.

But you….dear White sibling…

You who are still more…


Jesus Is Lord, Caesar Is Not (Part II)

“I don’t know about that…”

Do you even remember when Donald Trump said this?

I know. It’s a big ask to recall one line.
He says so many things, and one day’s horror is “trumped” by the next.

But it’s…


White Privilege

My struggle to adequately describe the murder of George Floyd ended when I saw this picture late last night.

Take a hard look at this picture, because if you let it sink in deeply it will help you see much…


A Time to Refrain

Here’s a new song I wrote last night, about our collective “sheltering in place.”
Debuted it this morning on “Coffee on the Porch,” and spent later afternoon recording a better version.
Hope you enjoy it….feel free to share.



Faith, Not Fear, Is Calling us to Close

I’m gonna push back against churches boldly proclaiming that they intend to meet tomorrow and, by insinuation, calling the rest of us chicken or “afraid.” Because of the lack of wide-spread testing, because we don’t *scientifically* know just how widespread…

Eminence Front

For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, the Muse compelled me to record a acoustic cover of The Who’s great song, “Eminence Front.” Somehow, I got it in my head that it’d be fun to try and mimic…


Democratic Identities and Super Tuesday

“All politics is identity politics.”

I keep mulling over this key learning from Ezra Klein’s new book, “Why We’re Polarized.”

The classic formation of “identity politics” is used as a slam against liberals. But Klein’s book turns that…


Mayor Pete

Early in the campaign season, Pete Buttigieg made a stop here in Dallas for a big Democratic event. I was asked to deliver an invocation for the evening, which I was honored to do.

During Mayor Pete’s keynote speech, he…



Lent is *supposed* to be about “turning a new way.”
Unfortunately, for too many people, we grew up believing it was about “feeling bad.”

There’s a big difference between the two. And that difference is summed up in this year’s…


Stop. Wait. Think About This.

Sometime this morning, maybe even as I write this, the “Leaning Tower of Dallas” will finally come down.

(Note: Obviously, the timeline is much longer now…EF)

I’ve been captivated by our fascination with this wreck of a wreck ever since…


Jesus is Lord, and Caesar is not.

“Jesus is Lord, and Caesar is not…”

This phrase is one of the key insights I’ve ever learned from Dr. John Dominic Crossan. And, honestly, one of the key insights I’ve ever learned in life. Crossan suggests that when the…


“Be the Dog On A Walk”

One of the most important life lessons Dennise and I have ever learned, we learned from our dog.

The lesson is: “Be the Dog On a Walk.”

We learned this lesson observing our dog, Daisy. And I should describe it…