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  1. Changing


One night I was taken by a powerful dream
Walking through a field by a clear blue stream
Through grass that grew so tall and green
In the wind.

Then in a moment when I turned my eye
The flowers and the grass and the trees
had died
And the white hot gaze of the Sun had fried
What'd been.

And in a moment more, it was covered in snow
And a Still Small Voice called soft and low
"The field remains, but whatever grows
Must end."

Every day.

Faded pictures from an old scrapbook
That my Dad's old Polaroid camera took
From my very first breath to the way way I look

A smiling baby with short blonde hair
Self-conscious teen with many cares
And a man still shocked how time bears
Life away.

But looking back, the great mystery
Is that in every shot, me was still me
And in each new frame it will ever be
The same.

Every day.

Beyond the farthest star, transcendently
In the smallest cells, down in you and me
There's a part of God, and the parts we see
Change fast.

Each new moment is a new still frame
A fresh new chance, and a brand new game
Never seen before, but partly the same
As the past

So though it might seem way too odd to you
God's waits for the future you will choose:
To hold onto hate or just let love loose
At last.

Every day.

And each new frame's a new occasion
To follow that Divine persuasion
Let go hate and let love loose
At last.