Jimmy Pankow Was Right

OK, I’m not proud of this post. But I can’t help myself.

Everybody needs to rewatch Chicago and Robin Thicke at the Grammys last night, for the hidden gem of the night.

Right as they transition to “Beginnings” the camera pans out just enough to catch Jimmy Pankow (trombone) mouthing some words to Keith Howland(guitar).

With a big smile, still in full stage persona, he unmistakably he says “What an *$$hole!”
Just when I thought I couldn’t love that band any more.

Also, notice that Robert Lamm (keyboards) thinks he’s supposed to sing verse two of “Beginnings,” but drops out when Thicke keeps singing over him. Classy, and smiling all the time.

Again, Jimmy Pankow was right.

Watch it all below, although this link will probably vanish eventually. It’s at about the 1:05 mark:

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