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During a dark time in my life some years ago, my therapist was helping me dig out of a hole. Our sessions covered a lot of things that help folks recover from depression. Thing like eating well, exercise, prayer/meditation, self-care, etc... 

But during one session, he became very animated when he re-remembered I was a musician. He shared that playing music creates the very same brain endorphins that eating well, exercise, and meditation do in others. 

"Eric, you've got to play your music," he said. 

Who am I to argue with my therapist?
From the moment he said it, I've found it to be true time and again. 

Music is one of the things in life that saves me from the abyss. 

Maybe you're that way too. Maybe you'll be moved and inspired by the songs here. I'd be humbled and honored to be a part of your journey. 

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Thanks for finding me...and, again, welcome...EF

Newest stuff

"September Grass"

As we move into Fall, here's a great JT song for you, with me and the looper.

Hope everyone has a great Fall season.

"Wandering Shepherd"

Here's a Dan Fogelberg cover for you.