Coffee on the Porch with Eric

Every Tuesday during the pandemic, Eric livestreams music,  and offers "hot takes" on issues of justice, spirituality, and life. All from "the porch."

Browse through the archives below, and a list of the featured songs and topics.

Join us Every Tuesday at 9:30 am (Central) on FBLive.

July 28th

Conversation: The great Charlie Chaplain once said, “To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it.” 
There’s deep wisdom in that line. In our age, comedians have become some of our greatest social critics. I tend to think they are very similar to the Biblical Prophets…turning a sarcastic eye toward the excesses and failures of societies leaders. 
I’ll play four of my own songs, each of which is a “funny” song, but all of which have a deeper message that rises from “taking out your pain and playing with it.” 

Featured Songs: “Coolest Guy in the Room;” “The Don’t Shop;” “My Brontosaurus Threw A Potluck;” “Missionaries to Suburbia.” 
(All words and music: © Eric Folkerth)

July 21st

Conversation: What does It mean to follow your heart and find your passion? Eric suggests that, actually, the way to find your passion is to “Follow Your Heartbreak.” Listen to what brings up COMpassion in you (not just passion…) and let that guide you to your life’s purpose. 
So, five songs about the HEART this morning, and conversation about “following your heartbreak.” 

Featured Songs: “Only The Heart May Know” (Dan Fogelberg); “Language of the Heart” (David Wilcox); “Heart Wide Open” (Johnsmith); “Only The Heart Within You” (Stephen Bishop); “Come From The Heart” (Richard Leigh/Susanna Clark)

July 14th

Conversation: As Texas heats up...Coronavirus and the actual temperature...we ask ourselves: "What does it mean to live through a hot and dry time?" In honor of this, we'll feature songs from several classic Texas songwriters.

Featured Songs: "Flyswatter/Ice Water Blues" (Lyle Lovett); "Some Days You Write The Songs" (Guy Clark); "If I Needed You" (Townes Van Zandt); "All The Roots Grow Deeper" (David Wilcox); "This Old Porch (Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen)

July 7th

Conversation: The pandemic returns. We talk about our concerns.

Featured Songs: "Stuck In the Middle With You" (Steelers Wheel); "A Time to Refrain" (EF); "The Same Blood" (EF); "You've Got a Friend" (Carole King); "I Will Sing" (EF)