Coffee on the Porch with Eric

Every Tuesday during the pandemic, Eric livestreams music,  and offers "hot takes" on issues of justice, spirituality, and life. All from "the porch."

Browse through the archives below, and a list of the featured songs and topics.

Join us Every Tuesday at 9:30 am (Central) on FBLive.

April 20th
We continue to talk about resurrection, but also about the impending George Floyd trial. And Eric invites everyone to visit to the "Say Their Names" Memorial at KPUMC.
Songs of the Day:
"$20 Bill (for George Floyd) by Tom Prasada-Rao
"My City Of Ruin" by Bruce Springsteen
"See Myself in You," by Tom PR and Tom Kimmel

April 13th
Today, we continue talking about New Life and resurrection. We also talk about "Holy Humor," and Eric reminds us all how ridiculous the resurrection story actually is. Eric tells the story "White Flour," from his friend, David Lamotte.
Featured Songs:
"Phoenix," by Dan Fogelberg
"The Don't Shop," by Eric Folkerth
"White Flour" (Poem) David LaMotte
"Show the Way," by David Wilcox Music

April 6th
Today, we start several weeks of centered on "new life" and "resurrection.
Songs for the day:
"The Rising," Bruce Springsteen.
"The Sun is Gonna Show," Eric Folkerth.

March 30th
During Holy Week, we play several songs from "Jesus Christ Superstars," and talk about how the songs tell the story of the week.
Featured Song:
"Gethsemane," from JCS.