Coffee on the Porch with Eric

Every Tuesday during the pandemic, Eric livestreams music,  and offers "hot takes" on issues of justice, spirituality, and life. All from "the porch."

Browse through the archives below, and a list of the featured songs and topics.

Join us Every Tuesday at 9:30 am (Central) on FBLive.

September 1

Conversation: We talk about the shootings on the streets by people on both the right and left, and how White people must do better to be allies to People of Color. Today's featured music is the great Jackson Browne.

Featured Songs: "These Days"; "Running on Empty"; "Doctor My Eyes"; "For America"; "Rebel Jesus"; "The Pretender." (All Words and Music: Jackson Browne)

August 25th

Conversation: Today, we featured music from Bruce Springsteen. Eric plays a series of songs that speak to a developing theology over the course of his career. Bruce has many songs of hope, faith and courage that can help us in this time. 

Featured Songs: “Reason To Believe”; “Cautious Man”; “Hunter of Invisible Game”; “The Rising”; “City of Ruin”; “Rocky Ground;” (All Words and Music: Bruce Springsteen)

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August 11th

Conversation: We talk about “Faith and Trust” and how challenging it can be to focus on these in such a challenging time as this. 

Features Songs: “So Many Changes” (Dan Fogelberg); “Thing Called Love” (John Hiatt); “Have A Little Faith In Me” (John Hiatt); “Through Your Hands” (John Hiatt)

August 4th

Conversation: Our theme is "Compassion." Compassion for self, and compassion for the world, and how rare it is, and hard it is to develop.

Featured Songs: "Tell Myself" (EF); "Your Life" (EF); "See Myself In You" (Tom Prasada-Rao and Tim Kimmel)