Coffee on the Porch with Eric

Every Tuesday during the pandemic, Eric livestreams music,  and offers "hot takes" on issues of justice, spirituality, and life. All from "the porch."

Browse through the archives below, and a list of the featured songs and topics.

Join us Every Tuesday at 9:30 am (Central) on FBLive.

"Thanksgiving." We explore how to be grateful, even in the midst of a challenging year.
As we move through Thanksgiving Week in the midst of this challenging year...I am deeply thankful to all those who tune into "Coffee On the Porch" each week.  

Featured Songs
"Thank You For Being A Friend," by Andrew Gold.
(Starring: "The Looper...") 
"Thanks," by me. 

November 17th

Today, we feature the music of the first Indigo Girls record (major release), and Eric talks about how these songs have deep meaning for him, dating to the year of the album's release.

Featured Songs:
"Closer to Fine," Emily Saliers.
"Kid Fears," Amy Ray.
"Love's Recovery," Emily Saliers.
"History of Us," Emily Saliers.

November 10th

On the Tuesday after Election Day, we unpack the week that has been. We talk about the fact that America is deeply divided, and that "TEAM RED" and "TEAM BLUE" don't always help us understand each other.

Featured Songs:
"I Just Want to Celebrate," by Rare Earth. 
"Purpleland," Eric Folkerth
"Eagles Wings," Michael Joncas.

November 3rd

A very different Coffee on the Porch for Election Day. No music.
But, we spend a time in prayer and meditation, and Eric shares readings from Jim Wallis and Dr. Martin Luther King on spirituality, justice and social change.

October 27th

We had audio problems for about the first two minutes...just skip ahead. And, sorry. 
Today, we talk about Jesus' Great Commandment and Halloween.

Featured Songs:
"545 Children" Tom Prasada-Rao.
"Old Tennessee," Dan Fogelberg "Morning Song for Sally," Jerry Jeff Walker.
"John's Garden" Peter Mayer.