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Hey There

Welcome to my music website.

During a dark time in my life some years ago, my therapist was trying to help me dig out of a hole. Our sessions covered a lot of things that help folks recover from depression. Thing like eating well, exercise, self-care, etc...
But during one session, he became very animated when he recalled I was a musician. He taught me about how playing music creates the very same brain endorphins that eating well, exercise and self-care do in others.

"Eric, you've got to play your music," he said.

Who am I to argue with my therapist?! And from the  moment he said it, I've found it to be true time and time again.

Music is one of the things that saves me from the abyss.

I've found that to be true, time and time again. Maybe you're that way too, and so maybe (hopefully) you'll be moved and inspired by the songs here. I'll be humbled and honored to be a part of your journey.

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Thanks for finding me...and, again, welcome...EF

Newest Stuff

Coffee On the Porch

During this time of social distancting, join Eric every Tuesday morning (9:30 Central) on Facebook Live for an hour of songs and conversation about the world.
If it's Tuesday Morning, and you're hunting us, find us here.
The archive of every show is here.


Watch us LIVE right here....every Tuesday at 9:30 am.

"A Time to Refrain" 

Eric sez: Here's a new song, hot off the presses, inspired by our collective sheltering in place.

Be safe, everybody...

"Holy Now @ Uncle Calvin's"

I had the honor of being part of an Uncle Calvin's show to honor our dear friend, Tom Noe. Richard Williamson captured really nice video of me covering the great Peter Mayer song, "Holy Now." What a great song. Thanks to Peter for writing it.

"Icarus Ascending"

Some of you know, Dan Fogelberg is my alltime favorite songwriter. I've had the great good fortune to intersect with his life and legacy, through being invited to the dedication of a memorial in his hometown of Peoria some years ago now, and performing for his family, friends, and fans at a Welcome Party. I fell in love with "Icarus Ascending" that weekend. Some of the lyrics are engraved into the memorial that now overlooks the river there.

Here's what Dan said about it: 
"This is one of the most recent, a very important song to me as a songwriter. It's a statement of my personal philosophy of being an artist. It does give hope for those who are willing to plumb the depths of individualism in any endeavor, in any art. The gift of art is an incredible blessing from the creator...It's perhaps as close as I will ever come to really expressing my core philosophy. I'm not talking financial here, but spiritual rewards. 
Many great artists never realized financial rewards. This is a song to those artists, more than someone like me, who has had every reward I can possibly think of. So many great artists struggled all their lives and will never see the perks. This song says you have to have enormous courage to follow the muse and that's Icarus. The Greek story is one of the great stories of optimism and foolishness, that he would make wax wings to fly to the sun. But as an artist you've got to be fearless and keep flying to the sun even though you know you might crash. ' There is a gamble in each proud act of flight' is one of the best lines I've ever written."

So, here's a cover of the song, from me and the Looper. Hope you enjoy it.