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Joy at the Joy of Tracy Chapman

I want to circle back to a theme that clearly resonated with people in my post on Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce last week. It’s a concept I’ve come to now understand has a name: “Freudenfreude.”

Loosely defined as:
“Taking joy/pleasure in

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I’ve been writing longform over on Facebook for more than a decade now, but never had anything approaching the reaction to this week’s post on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Are you kidding me?


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The UMC *and* USA are “Center-Left”

The United Methodist Church is now a Center-Left denomination.
America is a Center-Left Nation.

These are the twin theses I want to put before you today.

After the past several years of bitter and partisan theological infighting, our separation into…

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“Give the People What They Want”

We saw the “Tina Turner Musical” this week, and a brief moment of the narrative has stayed with me, touched me deeply, and seems to speak deep truth about our need to be entertained, and perhaps even our continued fascination…

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Our Baptismal Call with Houseless Neighbors

Dallas awakes to snow and ice, and flurries continuing to fall as I write, and I’m here to update you again about our ministry helpful our houseless neighbors.

Yesterday, it seems to me, was one of those both beautiful and…

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Unpacking WH Auden’s “For the Time Being”

During this Christmas season, I’ve written meditations on one of my favorite literary works of all time:
WH Auden’s “For The Time Being.” (FTTB)

Here are links to each section.
Feel free to keep this page handy, for easy future…

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Flight Into Egypt

The Final Section of WH Auden’s “For the Time Being” (FTTB)
(For the Previous Section: Click Here.)

So finally, today, I offer a our final mediation on this great Christmas Play.

Those who celebrate the Commercialist Christmas —who believe…

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