When EF Talks

Reflecting on “The Whale”

Is it possible to have differing, but equally valid, moral and ethical positions on the film “The Whale?”

I sure hope so. I could be about to test this in what follows.

Whatever your views on the film, on food…

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Texas Independence Day

Today is Texas Independence Day.

As a student at UT Austin, I remember celebrating this day with all the pride I could muster.
Today, years later, I’m thinking about what I didn’t know then, what I do know now, and…

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Ash Wednesday

A year ago Ash Wednesday…

It is about this time of night(1) I have not come home from church, but instead I am sitting alone in Roberts Forest at KPUMC. The fire pit is dying down. (This is an actual…

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Jimmy Carter Christianity

Whether or not you are a Christian, if you’re looking for the kind of human I believe best exemplifies my Christian faith, look no further than Jimmy Carter. If you are increasingly convinced there is no such this as a…

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The God’s Honest Truth About “Revival”

It’s likely that mainline United Methodists are only vaguely aware of the “revival” happening at United Methodist-adjacent Asbury College. But it’s an event that evangelicals across denominational lines can’t stop talking about, and so I’ll jump in a bit today.

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Joe Biden Coulda Done That All Night

Congressional Republicans:

Decades ago, Joe Biden told you he was a fighter from Scranton.
If you paid attention at all, you knew this.

McCarthy warned you not to heckle, but you did anyway; and “Sleepy Joe” Jedi mind-tricked you into…

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Cody McMahan

Cody McMahan died Saturday. I had the privilege of knowing Cody for perhaps 15-20 years….I believe I’ve lost count.

I believe I first met him when Cody was still a member of Greenland Hills UMC. He later joined Northaven, and…

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