When EF Talks

How Eric Ruined your Cinco de Mayo

It’s Cinco de Mayo and so, like every stereotypical White person in America, I am thinking about Tex Mex.
Maybe I’ll go get some at one of my favorite places…

Maybe we’ll head over to “Acapulquena.”


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Open Letter to Gov. Abbott (re: Cleveland shootings)

Dear Gov Abbott, I am writing you as a Christian pastor, and calling out your inclusion of the phrase “illegal immigrant” in your tweet regarding the senseless murders of five innocent people in Cleveland, Texas.

I would remind you how…

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What Cornered White People Sound Like

Everyone needs to hear this leaked video. It reveals several things about America, all at once. It highlights our polarized and racialized politics…

NEW LEAKED AUDIO: TN House Republicans infighting over #TennesseeThree votes.

CEPICKY: “You gotta do what’s right even…

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Uncomfortable Metaphors

It’s now Monday, and to my amazement, my hastily dashed-off post “Good Friday” —about the original meaning of the crucifixion in Jesus’ time— continues to be shared at a stunning pace.
It’s now approaching 3,000 Facebook shares, and…

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Good Friday

“Um…so what’s that interesting necklace you’re wearing?”

I am at the Kerrville Folk Festival, on a sweaty May afternoon. I’m with a group of fellow musicians, and one has again asked me a question I’ve been asked many times before…

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Reflecting on “The Whale”

Is it possible to have differing, but equally valid, moral and ethical positions on the film “The Whale?”

I sure hope so. I could be about to test this in what follows.

Whatever your views on the film, on food…

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Texas Independence Day

Today is Texas Independence Day.

As a student at UT Austin, I remember celebrating this day with all the pride I could muster.
Today, years later, I’m thinking about what I didn’t know then, what I do know now, and…

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