Seeking Still


All my life I’ve searched for inner peace
To make the voices cease
A sweet release
That leads me to a calm

And now and then I find a pathway there
Some moment without care
A jewel rare
Like truth inside a song

But soon as I arrive, the destination’s gone
I’m back upon a path that’s always winding and is long

Seeking still…

Down on this blue ball we yearn for harmony
To set the captive free
And let them see
The beauty of it all

And now and then there is a common ground
Some arc of justice found
And we’re homeward bound
Toward a greater call

But soon as we’ve arrived, the destination’s gone
We’re back upon the path that’s always winding and is long

Seeking still…

And I wonder bout the ways these journeys both combine
Our restless inner searchin and these mountaintops we climb
So in every new tomorrow that dawns for us to see
Let’s keep the restless drive for both alive in you and me.

Seeking still…

Words and Music: Eric Folkerth

Copyright © 2024. All Rights Reserved.

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