$20 Bill (For George Floyd)

On this day of George Floyd’s memorial service in Houston, a repost of my version of Tom Prasada-Rao’s powerful tribute song.

Tom’s song has now been covered 20-30 times by a beautiful assortment of musicians.

This version was a part of my “Coffee On the Porch” Livestream on June 4th, 2020.

(Lyrics below. Thanks again to Tom for allowing so many of us to spread the word about this powerful song…EF)


$20 Bill (For George Floyd)

Some people die for honor

Some people die for love

Some people die while singing

To the heavens above

Some people die believing

In the cross on Calvary hill

And some people die
In the blink of an eye

For a $20 bill

Some people go out in glory

(Yeah) with the wind at their back

Some get to tell their own story

Write their own epitaph

Sometimes you see it coming

Sometimes you won’t know until

You run out of breath

With a knee on your neck

For a $20 bill.

O Brother, I never knew you

And now I never will

But I make this promise to you

I’ll remember you still

Take, eat, let this be our communion

It’s time to break the bread

Do this in remembrance

Just like the good book said

Sometimes the wine is a sacrament

Sometimes the blood is just spilled

Sometimes the law

Is the devils’ last straw

The future unfulfilled

Like the dream they killed

For a $20 bill

5/28/20 Silver Spring MDn

Words and Music By Tom Prasada-Rao

Copyright Tom Prasada-Rao ©2020. All Rights Reserved

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