Choose wisely

If you are a Trump supporter who condemns yesterday’s insurrection against the United States, if you believe yourself to be a Christian or a decent person, today is a day to forever take down your Trump flags and put away your MAGA hats.

Whatever you believe these symbols mean, or *want* them to mean, they are now forever linked to armed insurrection against the United States. That is what those symbols will forever now mean.
So, unless your goal is to be a part of a continuing insurrection against our government, today is your day of choice.
Choose wisely.

Yesterday, Confederate battle flags and Trump flags flooded into the Capitol. Some insurrectionists even tried to replace the AMERICAN flag with the TRUMP flag. If you watched this in horror from your homes, if you have any desire to continue as a citizen of our Constitutional Republic, and not forever be associated with treason, today is pretty much it.

Today is your final day of choice. Because today, *everyone else* in America —Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, Socialists, Independents— will all begin to reclaim America and our Republic.
Questions will be asked and answered.
Arrests will be made of those responsible.

And anyone who chooses to remain on the side of MAGA hats and flags will forever be seen as party to, associates of, treason against the United States. As they sing in Hamilton:“History has its eyes on you…”

Today is your day of decision.

Choose wisely.

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