I’ve been writing longform over on Facebook for more than a decade now, but never had anything approaching the reaction to this week’s post on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Are you kidding me?

So, thanks again to everyone for sharing/reading this post…and for re-enforcing my faith in humanity. It’s very clear that, like me, many of you find this couple “adorable.” That’s heartening.

As often happens, the trolls lag behind a few days…and today, there are now more of them jumping in.
So, if you wander over there to read, just feel free to stop after the first 1,000 comments.


But…that’s after a week of solidly positive thoughts from many folks….most of which were very kind, and extremely supportive.

This would probably be a good time to remind you that, as I found myself repeating several times this week, this kind of longform writing in my jam.

And as it happens, and somewhat simultaneous to this post, over here on this OG writing site When EF Talks, we recently surpassed 1,000 entries. One thousand bits of writing to read, or music to hear. Again. Wowza.

In its current and former incarnations, When EF Talks now has more than 668,000 views.
Wowza, tambien.

So, just dropping in here to say a truly heartfelt…..thanks.

Thank you coming here to When EF Talks, year after year. Or, thanks for finding me recently.
Thanks for every subscribe, read, comment, or share.

I;m so glad you’re here, and glad you keep stopping by.


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