As We Go On

As We Go On
Words and Music: Eric Folkerth

the turning of the year
the turning of a page
listen and you’ll hear
all this restlessness and rage
sadness in our eyes
hearts still in grief
we say our goodbye
to the Orange-headed thief…

as we go on…we go on…
we go on…we go on…

so nurse up your aches
but listen to that rage
and follow your heartbreak
for all those children in a cage
find a forward road
but keep the question why
the story we were told
of how thousands had to die…

as we go on…we go on…
we go on…we go on…

old acquaintance
are forgot
and never brought to mind
so drink that cup,
but keep your thought
on who we left behind

so promise that you’ll mean
a promise that will last
a promise to redeem
all these failures of our past
for all yet to come
for pain we can ease
for the race we still run
for the ones who still can’t breathe…

as we go on…we go on…
we go on…we go on…

the turning of the year
the turning of the page
listen, and you’ll hear
the restlessness…and rage

as we go on…

(Copyright, Eric Folkerth ©2020. All Rights Reserved)

I’m as sick of 2020 as anybody.

But I keep hearing folks talk about the turn of the year like it will solve everything. And to me, it feels like there’s so much unfinished business…or so much business that we’ll carry forward with us into 2021.

In fact, I truly believe that we’ll be reckoning with the year 2020 —politically, socially, spiritually, MEDICALLY— for the rest of our lives.

So, while we go on…as we must…let us remember the lessons 2020 needed, and still needs, to teach us.

And let’s commit ourselves to all of its unfinished business…EF

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