Once Upon A Time

Today, all over America, fans will pour into stadiums to watch their favorite college teams.
In many locales —urban and rural, in Red and Blue states— fans will submit to a “clear bag” rule, and possibly even a scan or search of their person, as they enter the stadium.

At no time today, anywhere across our football-loving country, will anyone claim that it’s “tyranny,” or that the government is trying to control them, or that “clear bags aren’t safe.”

No politician today will hold a presser, to announce new laws outlawing clear bags.
No one asked to use a clear bag today will respond by saying “clear bags are political.”

Because once upon a time in America, we understood that our “absolute liberty” is sometimes balanced with the needs of the greater community.
Once upon a time, we understood that there is a price to participating in public events where others are gathered.

Once upon a time —regardless of our political party or jersey color, and even as we grumbled about such policies— we willingly did them to keep ourselves and others safe.

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